Boat Storage Pricing

Fully Enlcosed Drystack Storage Includes:

  • One ” In – Out” per day
    ( allow 1 hour weekdays and 2 hours weekends, make ready time )
  • When you’re through for the day we’ll rinse your vessel, flush the engine and store it safely until you are ready to use it again.
  • For after hours returns, secure your vessel to the dock at the launch areas and use the drop box to leave us your keys. Your vessel will be cleaned and either stored or readied for the next day on the water as requested.
Drystack and Wet Slip Storage Rates are based on yearly contract.

Admiral Plan

  • Salt-Away * Vessel and Engine Flush
    up to 150 lbs. of ice per ” In-Out ”
    Battery Charged (as requested)

Drystack and Wet Slip Storage Rates*

Fully Enclosed Rates

Standard BoatBoat LengthOversized Boats*

*Drystack and Wet Slip Storage Rates based on yearly contract
add $50/month for month to month contracts
**Oversized being multi-engine / T-top etc.

Severe Weather Storage, incl. 2 day inside storage

Severe Weather StorageStorm Hauling
$14.50/foot2 days before storm
$17.00/foot1 day before storm

19′ Fixed Wet Slip Rates

Boat SizesPricing
Boats up to 50′$400.00 month
Boats over 50′additional $7.00 per foot over 50′

Floating Wet Slip Rates

Open or CoveredWidthPricing
30′ openwidth 13′$265.00
35′ openwidth 15′$285.00
35′ COVEREDwidth 15′$335.00
40′ openwidth 16′$325.00
40′ COVEREDwidth 16′$425.00
50′ openwidth 19′$425.00
50′ COVEREDwidth 20′$550.00
COVERED = eave height 18′

Transient Slips

Wet SlipPricing
Wet Slip Transient$50.00/NIGHT includes water and electricity
Boats up to 50′$400.00 month
Boats over 50′additional $7.00 per foot over 50′

Wave Runner Storage Rates

Basic Plan*Short Term Plan

Additional Options

Trailer Storage

Single Axle$37.00/month
Double Axle$42.00/month
Triple Axle$47.00/month

Climate Controlled Lockers

Locker SizePricing

The Admiral Plan

included ServicesPricing
Salt-Away * Vessel and Engine Flush, up to 150 lbs. of ice per ” In-Out ”, Battery Charged (as requested)$35 / monthly

* Salt-Away™ is a water-based, non-hazardous, biodegradable solution containing properties that dissolve, release and remove salt crystals from any surface. Water alone will not remove salt. Use of Salt-Away will not correct past damage but will work to protect against salt corrosion and reduces costly repairs caused by salt. Salt-Away breaks down and removes salt build-up with repeated use and can safely be used on all metals, fiberglass, paint, rubber, plastic, chrome, glass, concrete, brick or any surface exposed to salt. Salt-Away, mixed with water, washes away the salt then leaves a protective film on surfaces until surfaces are again exposed to water or salt. Special high-performing corrosion inhibitors in the product help protect metals from corroding if not rinsed off. Salt-Away will not strip wax or cause streaks or spots. It is easy to apply by using pressure or power washers capable of dispensing chemicals.
You can imagine what this treatment can do for the longevity of your boat and engine.